Web Development Achievement: Biomed Phnom Penh

Sunday, February 12, 2023
Web Development Achievement: Biomed Phnom Penh

Client: Biomed Phnom Penh 

Service: Web Design & Development 

Project: www.biomedphnompenh.com

We are proud to be the chosen company for web design and development by the Phnom Penh area’s most prominent resources for quality medical analysis, BIOMED MEDICAL LABORATORY. Having worked with Biomed Phnom Penh; we've developed a speciality in web design specific to the healthcare industry and beyond.

About the Project

This project officially began in January of 2023.
The corporate website was developed in-house by our web developer based on the following laboratory criteria: (FAST)

  1. Fast
  2. Accuracy
  3. Saving Cost
  4. Top Technology

The whole site has been redesigned to make it seem more polished and professional. Moreover, we extend the website with two key features:

  1. Test result portal - Allow patientsto receive their test result online
  2. Doctor portal - The doctor's portal will make it simple for the doctors who work with Biomed to access the test results of their patients.

About Biomed Phnom Penh

Since founding in 1st June, 1996 BIOMED MEDICAL ANALYSIS LABORATORY has been the Medical Laboratory of choice in the Cambodia. What started off until now BIOMED is the largest, most respected private chain of medical laboratories in Cambodia. 

With 27 years of experienced and leadership in medical testing field, BIOMED was becoming the leader standard of medical diagnostic laboratory in Cambodia which their test result is trusted, efficiency and comparable to any leading laboratories around the world.